Gymnastics & Appointments

I didn’t get any pictures during gymnastics…maybe I will dress Ada up in her gymnastics outfit and have her pose for one so that you can at least see her in it. It’s pretty cute. All pink and white striped tank top with black ruffly skirt and grey leggings (Dylan hates the leggings).

She did pretty well–Dylan had to wake her up from her nap in order to make it on time. They picked me up at the office and we headed over to the place they hold it–it’s a lot bigger than I had thought! I was picturing a little gym of some sort, but it’s a pretty sizeable club!

Ada was clearly the youngest gymnast in her Caterpillars class and also the newest. They bounced a ball right away–which she was completely and totally uninterested in and then they did some stretching. It’s a parent-kid class, so Dylan had to do most of the helping (I wore a skirt to work that day).

Then they had three obstacle-like courses that focused on different things. The first one was a tumbling/jumping kind of deal, the second a jumping/balance focus and then the third one was upper body strength with mini uneven & monkey bars, etc. She loved all the jumping but was especially excited about the uneven bars and a single bar that they did the “possum hang” on. Which basically was just hanging upside down by holding onto the bar with their hands and feet/ankles.

Then the kids got to go down a big covered slide into a mini pit of soft blocks. Which of course, Ada also enjoyed. The final experience for the day was jumping and sliding into a large pit of foam blocks. I’m pretty sure she could’ve done that for another hour at least.

She was pretty mad that we had to leave–so I think she’ll be happy to figure out we’ll be doing this all summer. She’s got two smiley face stamps on her feet to prove her attendance there too.

On another note, I have an unofficial appointment to see my Mom next Friday after hours to take a peek at Dachtler 2.0 for the second time. 😀

We’re pretty excited. My first doctor’s appointment is on the 14th this month and I will be 14 weeks exactly when we see her. Which means that I will be 13 weeks and 4 days when we go to see my mom–hopefully we’ll be able to find out the sex of the baby! As if I’m not anxious enough already for the baby to be in my arms, not knowing the sex has been driving me nuts. I think Dylan and I would both like to have a little boy but obviously another little girl would be just as thrilling! Those would be pretty crazy get-togethers with four little girl cousins all within a span of four years!


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