Where have I been?

Pregginess has officially set in.

I am tired. All.the.time.
Poor Dylan–he’s a good sport about his 90-year-old wife collapsing asleep after Ada B’s tucked into her sheets. Lots of quiet time to himself and Mass Effect 2 (a video game for those of you who aren’t a part of the gaming world.)

I crave foods. All.the.time.

Cheesecake? Check.
Chicken Piccata? Check.
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream? Check.
Chocolate Covered Doughnut? Check.
Steak? Check.
Cheese? Check.
Chinese Food? Check.
Apples? Check.
Pickles? Check.
(But no pickles and ice cream please…)
So if you’ve been wondering why the updates are so lacking–eating and sleeping are the main culprits, along with the everything that tags along with a new job. I am settling into my office and life with my coworkers. I’m about a third way through planning a 10 week long day camp starting in mid-June and ending in mid-August. I’m also about a month out from finishing Wednesday night activities for school kids through the Salvation Army and overhauling their meal plans (spaghetti, pizza and hotdogs occurred often enough to offend even the unpickiest eater). It’s been interesting, it’s an inbetween kind of job as I’m still in limbo with working out my new position.
Anyway, I had better get back to being productive, but if you were wondering…that’s where I’ve been.

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