To Elaborate…


It’s true.

Dylan, Ada and I are looking forward to meeting Little Dachtler 2.0 in December. We have an estimated due date of December 13th…the Monday of finals week for the school boy and smack in the busy season of my new job. But God’s timing is perfect right?


We are excited and shocked and nervous and anxious and thrilled…so many words. Ada already tries to “hold” the baby…if it wasn’t so weird looking, I would consider posting pictures of such “holding.” Consider yourselves lucky–I mean, the world really doesn’t need to see any more stretchmarks than neccessary.

Currently we are throwing names around. So far we like “Gus” if it’s a boy and there hasn’t been an agreed upon girl’s name for quite some while. Hopefully it’s a boy then…at least until we can agree on a name.

And yes. We are finding out what Dachtler 2.0 will be calling it’s sex.

We are not that patient people.


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