BIG Changes!!!


I am so excited to finally be able to say that I accepted a job offer from the Salvation Army as their Director of Development in Grand Forks! (i.e. Their go-to PR/Fundraising Extroidanaire!)

I applied thinking that there was no chance I would garner such an invitation, but lo and behold–I outlasted the rest of candidates. 🙂 I will be starting April 19th-20th, the yet exact date between the two is tba. TOO exciting. This also means that I will be doing my dream job! Working for a nonprofit that just happens to be a Christian organization in a job that just happens to let me fundraise and schmooze with people. AWESOME.

Can you tell I’m excited by the use of CAPS in this post?


And luckily enough, Dylan will be able to spend the summer as Mr. Mom to our be loved little girl before returning to the grindstone of college in August. We’ve started our childcare search and have found a couple of promising looking ones–so we’ll keep investigating til then.


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