Mayo Continued

So anyway, the pediatrics ward was awesome. The only bump we had during our visit was that they forgot to tell us our actual doctor’s appointment was an hour after our xray, so instead of grabbing something to eat, we sat planted in the waiting room. But in the grand scheme of things…that was certainly not a big deal.

Dr. Pianosi was very nice. He was a wealth of information and answers for us and also was gentle and kind with Ada. We couldn’t have asked for more. After taking medical history and going over her charts again, he showed us her previous pneumonia xrays and told us that it’s possible she never had it. In fact, it’s more than likely that the grey or misty areas in her lungs were collapsed/swelled air pockets due to her asthma. He said that if a child displays cases of pneumonia so often in a short period of time and suffers from her respiratory problems, more than likely, it’s misdiagnosed asthma-related problems and not the illness itself. Interesting, no? He ended up prescribing her an Advair inhaler as her maintainence and an Albuterol inhaler as her rescue. He explained that he didn’t really like nebulizer treatments for kids her age as the medicine particles are too large and often just get stuck in the throat instead of making it all the way down to the lungs where it’s needed. Hopefully, he said, the inhalers will help strengthen and broaden her airways so that hospital visits are virtually nonexistant (I suppose he can’t say they’ll never happen again–a parent can only wish, right?).


This is great news to us. Although nothing is “cured” per se, it’s definitely comforting to know that her problems have been seen before and are manageable and not just manageable, but livable. He also had her tested for common household allergies and told us we’d get the results Monday. (Spoiler Alert!: Turns out she’s not allergic to anything common–dogs, cats, timothy grasses, mold, ragweed, dust–they all turned up negative.)


Okay, so then the rest of our weekend went pretty awesome. 😀
We got to hang out with our beautiful friends Ian and Kristen. We saw their house, took a walk around the “Pill Hill” area and saw some ridiculous houses and ate a yummy breakfast with them at Cafe Presto after filling Ada’s prescriptions.

Later we met up with Neil and saw Laiel and met her family, saw her house and then ate some delicious Thai food at Supatra’s Thai. Cuisine. I got this yummy salmon curry dish, Neil got pad thai, Ada got some pineapple fried rice and Dylan got a duck red curry dish. You could pick how hot you wanted your food based on a 1-4 scale, Neil and I were conservative with our 2 choices…however…of course…Dylan chose 4. Needless to say, after much sweating, glasses of water and numb-inducing mouthfuls, he didn’t soak up the leftover broth in his bowl. Too bad I didn’t remember to take any pictures. We spent the night at our obliging host’s apartment and then drove to Fargo Sunday morning to switch cars with my Dad.

And now, three days later, we’re back into the swing of life.

In fact, I started a new little boy named “Ty” at daycare who is just shy of nine months old. He’s a happy lil’ guy–pictures of the new daycare horizon will be coming soon. Ada is slowly getting back into her schedule, although she did wake up to Dylan’s 4 am shower this morning to go potty (did I mention that she is now “fully” potty trained? What a big girl we have!). :S


Thing must be back to normal.


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