Ahhh…To Be Home…


We’re home.

We’re finally back home.

I feel so silly saying that, but after five days and four nights away–we all need the time (albeit short) to rejuvinate before tackling another day in the life of Dachtler. But before I knock off to bed, I wanted to update you on our Mayo adventure.

We left Wednesday afternoon and drove down to Fergus Falls. The scheduling nurse had originally told me that we should allow for an extra day in case Dr. Pianosi wanted extra testing prior to the exam, but in our case that wasn’t neccessary. Instead we took advantage of the extra day off (Sheila came to allieve me of daycare duties early so we could get on the road earlier) and split up our driving a bit–a seven hour drive with a newly potty trained toddler seemed a bit daunting. So we stayed with my Dad and took off on the road again Thursday morning.

Ada drove pretty well–we were pleasantly surprised concerning all the driving here and there, to and from, hither and fro. We made such good time on Thursday (we couldn’t check into our hotel until 3 pm) that we decided to stop in Bloomington to wander about IKEA and The Mall of America with our friend Neil. IKEA, of course, was AWESOME! Unfortunately, there’s a big kitchen expo coming up next week (of course) so all the displays were torn up and surrounded by yellow caution tape. But I grabbed a brochure (again, of course) to aid my diy-obsessiveness for the time being. MOA was nice, it was a good excuse to stretch our legs and wander about people-watching. We ate some pretty delish sushi too.

We said adieu to Neil and drove the last 45 minutes down to Rochester and checked into the Marriott Towneplace Suites. We all suited up and tried out the mini swim park but Ada was not having it and I certainly don’t blame her. It was pretty chilly.

Friday morning we woke up, ate breakfast and caught the shuttle bus to Mayo Clinic’s Gonda Building. We got her insurance figured out and then took the elevator up to the 16th floor–Pediatrics. It’s something to behold! Newly remodeled, it was the most gorgeous pediatrics waiting room I’ve ever seen. Beautiful glass tiles, flora and fauna decorated everything, there were flat screens with nature-based informational movies, and a separate flat screen in the back corner with a continual showing of children’s movies. It was split into two sides, one side had exam rooms and the second side had xrays and other such testing.

Okay…I lied.
I can hardly keep my eyes pried open anymore…I will have to finish this tomorrow or another day….

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