Down a Man


Last night Dylan, Ada and I were sitting on the couch looking at an IKEA magazine and Abe was sitting snuggly across Dylan’s feet. Ada stepped down to get off the couch and landed on Abe’s back. He promptly turned and growling, bit her on the arm.


He didn’t break any skin, just scared her. And she got over it fast, I think she was more shocked by the growl and bite than the actual feeling from it.
Dylan put Abe behind the gate. And we sat.

What to do.

We made the decision last night that we’ll have to find Abe a new home. I firmly believe that he is a wonderful, affectionate dog and that Ada simply caught him by surprise; but we cannot have a dog his size doing that. With daycare, with Ada, with our friends’ and families’ children…we can’t count on being so lucky if that were to happen again. Accident or not.

So…if you know of anyone looking for a wonderful, loving companion…we have one.


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