Hospital Visit #4 and A Step Forward

At least this time we only had a 24-hour stint.
Count your blessings…right?
Our poor girl. 😦

A cold has been plaguing her for a week or so and this past weekend it seemed to blow up into the happenings of Monday. She couldn’t sleep Saturday or Sunday nights due to being incredibly stuffed up and then Monday morning I arose to get daycare ready and found her sleeping on the rug in front of the oven!!

Turns out she had thrown up in her bed and moved to another location that seemed reasonable (I guess it’s warm there?). When I picked her up to move her back to her bed, she started gagging and threw up before I could get her to the bathroom. It looked as though it was mostly mucous, but by then she was crying and heaving and carrying on (as she should). So I yelled to wake Dylan up and he gave her Pulmicort and Albuterol as I made an appointment to see a pediatric an at Altru. I did this so that we could circumvent the ER–it always seems to put her in more a tizzy then necessary.

Dylan took her to the appointment at 9 am and Dr. Chandra admitted her after administering another round of Albuterol to her lungs, as he saw no improvement in her retracting. Lucky for us, Sheila wasn’t working that day so she offered to come over and watch the daycare kids for me so I could go to the hospital.

When I got there, Ada looked a lot like this:

In a strange way, it’s becoming easier and easier to deal with this kind of reality and yet, it’s definitely not. It’s hard to have a sick baby. And our baby is not always sick…I can’t imagine what life is like for parents who have to deal with continually ill children–and from much scarier diseases/afflictions that asthma.

She did get a lot better in the short time that I was there. Her breathing evened out, her lungs slowly cleared and the retracting stopped. Unfortunately there were some mishaps along the way. 😦 Ada apparently has hard veins to hit and she was poked a few more times than maybe necessary. Dylan and I have agreed that we will be those demanding parents that refuse to let students get their practice time in on our daughter and I will be asking for the numbing cream that pediatrics wards have but don’t routinely use (don’t ask me why…as a parent I think it is incredibly stupid and insensitive to the child and parents that it’s not used systematically). And then after all that poking nonsense, her IV went bad and her poor little left arm blew up. They took it out but it still took a good 10 hours to go back down to normal (Ada of course wasn’t keen on an ice pack).

The best part of the stay was probably Kelly bringing Ada a treat bag of DumDums, M&Ms, foam hearts, and a twinkling rose (btw-epileptics beware!). She took down a ton as there’s no such thing as moderation when your child is sick.

Dylan went to The Panda Buffet to pick us all up some supper. Ada of course ate all of our fried rice and scattered it along the bed sheet just in case it would grow. (Sorry Altru janitorial staff.)
And needless to say, we are EXHAUSTED!!

And before I go, another good thing that happened was we asked Ada’s normal pediatrician to refer her to a doctor in Mayo. Dr. Lunn agreed and told us he was going to suggest that we try using Singular but that we should wait and see what the doctor would say at Mayo.

Now we just have to pick a doctor to be referred to. I spent a couple hours the other day scrolling through all the pediatricians and pulmonologists on the Mayo Clinic website and weeded them down to a shorter list (11) that Dylan and I will have to go through again. We’re open to any stories or suggestions too though!

Here’s my list of doctors that I think would be interested/specialized in Ada’s asthmatic problems–they are in no particular order:

It makes me tired just looking at them all.

Oh well. This is a good step, a step forward into figuring out why our baby keeps getting hit so hard and so fast by the simplest of things. Even if they don’t tell us anything weird or mysterious, just knowing would be better than playing defense to a game we never learned the rules for.


2 thoughts on “Hospital Visit #4 and A Step Forward

  1. Mayo Clinic is a group of hospitals that has it's main branch in Rochester, MN. They are actually quite famous and reknown for their research and whatnot…I'm kind of suprised you've never heard of them. We'd be going to the main branch in MN and all the doctors on my list work at that one.

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