I Heart Snow Days

Today is a snow day!
Hurray! Hurray!

I don’t know why, but snow days still continue to hold the same excitement and promise that an eight year old feels. I was elated to get a phone call from my friend Kelly that her work was closed and schools were shut down (including UND–which never happens!).

So I called all my parents to check in with them and see if they were still venturing out in the 38 mph winds and little to no visibility. And all said no! Hurray! Hurray! Snow day!!
So I have taken it upon myself to finally get all the Christmas decorations down (thank goodness we only have decorations inside and not outside!), finish my embroidery projects and maybe bake some cookies and flat bread. We’re kind of on a hummus kick at our house (thanks Sheila and Terry for the awesome Magic Bullet) and Greek flat bread or pita bread without the pocket is SO stinkin’ expensive! Luckily, prior to this hummus extravaganza, flat bread went on sale at the grocery store for 3pkgs/$5. We stocked up and then I decided I should just find a good recipe and bake it myself. It freezes well, so why not? If I can make baguettes I can surely do this?… I will update you on the results later…if I really am that ambitious today. We’ll see.
Snow days also mean that I will be uploading all the forgotten pictures and videos on my camera that have been sitting dejected and sad. I wish I would’ve brought it to the benefit dinner that was held for Nick because all the kids dancing were so stinkin’ cute…but alas…I did not. Braving all the slushy, icky, sticky snow was all I could focus on when getting out the door to the church.
So be excited!! It’s a snow day!!

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