A Bunch of Randoms

Note: This post will be somewhat ADHD and everywhere inbetween…thus…”A Bunch of Randoms.” Consider yourselves warned.

My Mom and Dad came to visit today, they’re going to a hockey game tonight with Dad’s friends and then staying with us and going to church tomorrow morning. Ada is very excited that they are here. Hopefully I will remember to get a few pictures, seeing as I was not so good about it on Christmas or the holidays in general for that matter.

Our computer is also up and running again (obviously). For a few days it would not turn on–even when plugged in–after the batter had died unplugged. This is the first time that it has happened and Dylan and I were worried we would have to invest in another laptop/computer. BIG 😦

Luckily the computer gods were looking fondly upon our sad and internetless plight and raised old Compaq out of its grave back to the world of the living–which in turn is also good for you dear readers.

Ada is doing okay. She’s getting rid of another cold, poor girl’s face was so chapped that we had to start smothering her in Vaseline. Which, by the way, is NASTY. And since her face was so chapped from all the snot, she didn’t want to blow her nose anymore and would suck up all the mucous instead. Which of course is horrible for her asthma! Luckily though we have not had to fret too much and she seems to be getting better. We thank God everyday for the doctors here who got her on such a maintenance schedule that she doesn’t get pneumonia with every sneeze.

The potty training front has also been put on hold as this last rash of illnesses broke the excitement of going on a big girl potty. It’s unfortunate, but I’m not going to push, instead I’ve upped the bribe and give her a Hershey’s Kiss instead of a measly little M&M as a reward. That should work, right?

Abe and Moses are good. Moses is still lazy and needy. Abe is still all energy and runaway…in fact…just an hour ago the brat ran away over the fence after pushing me out of his way. The fence would normally hold him in but since we live in North Dakota and have more than our fair share of snow, he can just leap over the gate via the snowbanks. GRRR.

Dylan is well, he is figuring out the ropes as a shift supervisor at Starbucks. He likes his job for the most part though, which is good since he spends quite a bit of time there.

I am well as well. Ahahahaha.
Daycare is good, I’ve got solid families still and hopefully will have a couple more in the next few months. I started sewing felt toys for Ada and also for a benefit for a couple at our church whose son has had a lot of medical expenses in the past months. I’m pretty proud of how they’ve turned out. I’ll post pictures of those too sometime soon.

We made Roast Leg of Lamb with Dark Beer, Honey and Thyme last night and paired it with mashed potatoes and buttery, bacony peas. DELICIOUS. In fact, I chopped up a few slices of it this morning and made scrambled eggs with lamb and broccoli. Yum…it makes me hungry just thinking about it.

All-in-all, life is good. We are good and striving to be better. God has blessed us so much already in this new year that I am excited to see what the rest will unfold.


One thought on “A Bunch of Randoms

  1. this post made me miss you very very much. i felt like you were telling me all of this over fun-fetti cupcakes and lots of laughing, which is how i would have preferred it. i'm glad to hear my lady is feeling better, i know it's nasty but lather that baby up with vaseline and entice her with the kisses to keep her well and happy and you sane. i miss you and love you all. and hope to see you very soon.

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