My Little Cookie Monster

Ada and I kicked off our ambitious Christmas Baking List 2009 tonight by getting together a few doughs and finishing the Cracker Brittle recipe from Sheila. YUM. We made peanut butter dough for the peanut blossom cookies, snickerdoodle, sugar, and I actually baked a one and a half recipe of the Russian Tea Cakes because I love them, Ada loves them and Dylan loves them too. So, why not?

The list for tomorrow spans French baguettes, banana bread (this bread is absolutely the best that I have ever made or devoured. DELICIOUS!), fudge and maybe some cranberry orange scones or pumpkin cream cheese muffins. We’ll see what the day holds for us.

I’m getting excited for all the Christmas celebrations now that my baking has finally begun, the Christmas cards are mostly sent and all the presents are wrapped! 😀 HURRAY! It’s going to be fun!!


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