Christmas Vacation = Two Days Away!

Ahhh…TWO days this week.

That’ll indeed be nice.

We spent this morning playing with peanut butter playdough and making Christmas “cookies.” I didn’t want the mess or have to make them all by myself, so I cheated and had the kids cut out pie crust dough instead. We spread some egg wash on top and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and VIOLA! Deliciocity in a snap.

I’m planning on getting some finger paints after Christmas (Christmas is the worst time of year to add any extras into a budget). I think that they’ll really like that, we’ll probably spread out some newspapers on the floor in the dining room and let them go. I know you’re excited to see pictures from that!

It certainly didn’t take them very long to figure out that the playdough was edible and ended up eating most of theirs. In fact, I set the timer because I didn’t want their tummies to get sick or too full before lunchtime.

On another note, I think that we’ll have to call an electrician to come and fix a faulty breaker for our dryer. It’s been going out about every 10-15 minutes when in use and so we just haven’t been using it. Instead, Dylan’s been schlepping all of our wet laundry over to Terry and Sheila’s to dry it. Obviously this is not ideal.

So anyway, the dryer guy came today and tinkered around for a while before telling me (and charging me $60 for a house call) that the dryer itself seems fine. In fact, it’s only about two years old and has minimal wear and tear (which is the silver lining to this dreary home maintainence cloud), so he thinks it’s a faulty circuit breaker or soemthing like that. BOO!

A Christmas…a time of thanksgiving, celebrating and fixing?…


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