Christmas-y Errands and The Such

Both Dylan and I have Sunday off this week and it has indeed been a gloriously lazy one at that. (Although Ada didn’t get the memo and awoke at 6 this morning–thank God for Elmo and his irritatingly memorable Elmocize!)

I plan on running out for groceries later today and stopping at Sam’s Club and maybe Target and the bank if I feel like it. Otherwise, those things can wait til Monday or Tuesday, maybe even Wednesday.

I haven’t done any Christmas baking either. I know, I know, completely uncharacteristic of me, but I just have been seeped in the everyday and have not had the energy or time to indulge. SO on Tuesday afternoon/evening I intend to commence Christmas baking into Wednesday/Thursday morning at the latest. There will be delicious treats to be consumed all along the way and I, for one, am very, very excited. I have even given in to doing sugar cookies so that Ada can experience it. My Grandma gave me her old cookie cutters as a present and I intend on making a big batch to bring with to that side of the family’s after-Christmas celebration.

Thus, I had best be going. I need to figure out my shopping lists and plan of attack while Ada is tucked away in her room (note: I did not say sleeping. I can hear her bringing every stuffed animal, doll and Elmo that she owns into her bed with her.)


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