Christmas is A Foot

The tree is decorated.

What meager Christmas decor we have accumulated has been hung, taped and strung.

The Christmas cards are coming together (except a few stragglers that have procrastinated the sending of their current residence) and I’ve almost finished wrapping all the Christmas gifts. Clearly they won’t be going under the tree as my daughter is now a fanatic about presents and a pro at ripping them open, heedless of appropriate times.

It’s funny to think that this will be Ada’s second Christmas and the first that she’ll be spending with immediate family (although SOME of her immediate family will be vacationing in Mexico…). Could it have been so long ago that we were in California? It seems like just yesterday and yet here we are, approaching Christmas and then January and we are seven months removed from our mountains and beaches.


But we are excited to spend Christmas with Dylan’s family. I think that we’ll be having it here at our house and so, a few more stragglers may drop in to celebrate with us. I love the feeling of a full, happy house–just excited to be together. I think that is certainly the best component of all holidays.


2 thoughts on “Christmas is A Foot

  1. I totally know what you mean about how time has passed! It feels weird to think we've only been gone from Idy for not even 4 months. And that we were only there a year. And even weirder, and sadder, to think I have not seen your face for almost 7 months! I am trying to figure out when is a good time for me to come out, with or without Brian. I need some Katie time.I'm telling ya- Dollar Store decorations! The best ones I got was the fake garland. It helps so much to make the house feel Christmas-y.Hugs!

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