They’re Back!!

The Fuzzi Bunz have been pulled out of hiding and are now back in business. Four diaper changes in already (and it’s only 9:32 am) and we are back into the swing of cloth diapering.

I think the last time Ada’s behind was wrapped in one was in Idyllwild in about mid-March. Right about when we started battling constant trips down the hill to the hospital and made the big decision to move our little family back to the Midwest.

It seems strange that last year this time we were looking at celebrating our first holiday away from the friends and family that we knew. It turned out to be a busy weekend as we had a full camp at Tahquitz and were all working–but don’t let that lead you to think we didn’t celebrate in style. We had a delicious spread that evening, a throwback Midwestern-style potluck meal that we all were proud to be apart of and thrilled to dish into.

Anyhow, I digress.

We decided to finally pull out the Fuzzi Bunz again because diapers are stinkin‘ expensive! And we figured that these were already paid for and still work wonderfully (Ada still snaps to the two smallest at the waist and only one snap larger at the thigh). I bought two big buckets with tight fitting lids to begin the diapering duties once again and already it smells like stank. BLECH.

But I think that by using them again we are going to be more “green” and are certainly going to be saving money…which is always good for a poor family to do when they’ve just bought a house and need to watch their budget.

Speaking of budgets, I decided to include this throwback picture to whet your appetite for more cheap thrills (i.e. old pictures and videos) to come.

Which brings me to another digression…a little bird has informed me that Southwest Airlines are selling tickets from the California area to Minneapolis, MN, for CHEAP…$109 cheap!!



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