Bemidji Bound

We are leaving for Bemidji today after all the daycare kids go home. I AM SO EXCITED.

It feels like forever since we last saw the three, soon to be four, of them. I stole this picture from Terrah’s facebook page (I hope you don’t mind), but I couldn’t help but do it since they were such a cute family for Halloween. Lael’s face in this picture cracks me up to no end.

And it may be selfish of me to wish it, but I’m hoping Baby Sutton #2 will make her (I say her because my money’s on another girl) debut while we’re there.

Ada has been so funny, I told her yesterday we were going to see Lael and maybe even the new baby. This morning she woke up and was asking me, “Lay-yell?” “Lay-yell?” “Baby?” “Baby” “Lay-yell?” Which of course warmed my gooey-mom-heart.

Even though my heart pangs everytime I look at pictures of the past year and long for the sounds and smells of the ocean and mountains, I know we made the decision in coming home. If not just for our sanity (what better babysitters are there than grandparents?), for Ada. Both Dylan and I were so blessed to grow up near our family, and the family that was far away, our parents made a point to see and get to know. It’s been something that we never fully appreciated until now and we want Ada to be able to have that as well. To grow up knowing that not only do her parents love her but so do her grandparents, cousins, godparents, etc…in a tangible way and not just through Skype or letters or pictures.

With that said, we sure do miss you Californians…and you Chicagonians…and you Coloradoites…


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