More Daycare

Daycare has been going pretty well.
Still trying to figure things out.

It has it’s days.

But mostly, I’m glad that I made this decision.

I currently have four full-time kiddos in my care (including Ada). They are Xander, Arista, Nia and Ada and I have a little guy starting on November 16th. He’ll be part-time and his name is Devin. Mikayla is no longer with us as she’s being taken care of by her grandmother out on base where she lives with her mom and dad.

I finally feel like there are enough kids to really call it a “daycare” and that there are enough kids to do projects. Before it was just Ada and Xander that had the ability to really understand/comprehend. So I’m very excited…now it’s just a matter of getting it all together.

On another note, I realize we haven’t posted pictures of the house since we moved in…those are coming. I promise. I just want to finish hanging up our pictures (the curtains just went up last week). It’s the pictures and all the little kitschy things that go from place to place with you that make somewhere a home. So…until we have time to sit and do that…you must be patient. 🙂

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