Hospital Stay #3 and Some Fried Rice with Bubbles

UGH. We are SO over hospitals. Hospitalization anyway.

SO over it.

Six medications in hand to nurse our daughter back to normal operations and we’re home.

Needless to say, we’re tired.
Although, we are incredibly, incredibly blessed.

Not only do we have parents that love and support us, but we’ve got brothers and a sister that are there too…not to mention our friends. We’re blessed that there are so many others who love our daughter, our beautiful, wonderful daughter as much as we do (although, some of the related kind may beg more). And not only that, we’re blessed to have a daughter, who may suffer from reactive airways, asthma, and allergies, but a daughter none the less that is otherwise healthy and thriving. She’s here and, God willing, will be with us for a very, very long time…past the time that Dylan and I are around.

There’s a couple from our church that has a son who’s been going through some terrible, terrible things. They’re still waiting for genetic tests to come back to either disprove or confirm theories that he may have Alexander Disease…and…if you read about this…is a terribly devastating and fatal diagnosis. And yet, through it all, they are still a family, still counting their blessings and clinging to the One, True Hope that they have. They’re an immense testimony for Christ’s comfort and compassion in times of distress and even though they may not feel like it, are an incredible example for Dylan and I. To focus on the positives, to embrace the good days and tough out the bad ones. To call out to God in our brokenness and despair when we don’t think we can carry our burdens and to rejoice, fully rejoice in his blessings and joy. To remember to thank God daily for the miracles and blessings that are bestowed so freely upon us.

So anyhow, we’re home. Coping and getting through. But home.

Mom and Dad came up yesterday evening to see Ada and ended up staying the night with us. They brought some Panda Buffet home for us all to eat and Ada gobbled down fried rice like the part-Asian-American that she is. She slept well, still a little more tightly wound and irritable from the four-hour apart Albuterol treatments, but hopefully will wind down by tomorrow when we no longer need to adhere to such a regime. This morning Grandma Jill and her even got to play with bubbles…and Moses ate them.

Thus-ly, we’re good. We’re getting along and Ada shows signs that tomorrow will be a better, allergy-non-asthmatic-attack day.

We are truly blessed. Always.


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