Finally Pictures!

Okay! I’ve finally taken the time to update with pictures.

Be excited!!

The first are from one of Dylan’s softball games this summer. Lael and Terrah were in town, so we went with Terry and Sheila to watch. Mostly the girls were excited about the fruit snacks and bubbles Grandma Sheila brought (sorry Dylan).

I went to Fergus Falls a couple weekends ago with Ada (Dylan had to work). Great-Grandma Phyllis and I sewed some throw pillows and my chaise lounge cushions. They look nice on my new sofa…hopefully we’ll have pictures of the “improvements” that we’ve done on the house soon. But then again…look at how long it took me to post these pictures.

The next pictures are from just being around the house. Ada loves her Weebles set that Auntie Terrah gave her and lately she’s LOVED reading books…and stickers.


You’ll see.

And the last pictures I’ve posted are from daycare. I’ve got two little people right now besides Ada, Xander and Mikayla. Although Mikayla’s last day was Friday (her Grandma is staying with her family for a few months), but I will be getting another baby in November and am talking to a few other parents right now.

It’s going well, I enjoy it.

But of course, if you think about it, please remember to keep praying for us. I’m still looking for more kids to fill up the daycare and would appreciate any and all prayers for patience, persistance and thanksgiving for all that we’ve been blessed with in the past few months.

It’s sad that I have to physically remind myself about the all things God has given me and my family sometimes. I know it’s only human, but that’s my new goal this year, an early New Years’ resolution (if I did resolutions). To be happy. To will myself to be happy on the days that I’m not and rely and revel fully in God’s joy.

And even though there are always going to be tougher days than others, I think that providing daycare is helping me understand what it means to embrace joy.


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