Another day has come and gone.
Where does all the time go??

Xander was here until 7:30 pm tonight…he’s the latest little guy that I have in daycare. Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy for doing this…time will only tell I’m sure.

Something is poking me in the thigh as I type this on my nice new couch (which, I rarely have sat in). Hm…

A red Matchbox car.
Thanks, Mom.

Eventually, I promise, to get pictures up. I know that they make my ramblings more exciting…well…at least bearable. And I am not so delusional that I don’t realize my musings are not the main attraction to readers of this blog.

Dylan’s in a wedding this weekend for his friend Anthony. He went to Fargo this evening to get fitted in his tux (this will be the first time I’ll have ever seen him in a tux). Nothing like waiting till the last minute…at least the groom and his family carpooled with him.

September has been a month full of weddings and October promises to be no different.
Can you believe Dylan and I have almost been married for FOUR years?
I certainly can’t.


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