Daycare Life

Pictures to come.

Daycare has definitely been something that I could never quite describe. And, in fact, the more daycare providers I meet, the more we agree that if you’re not one you never will understand the daily trials and triumphs and life of professional childcare.

Which is not so bad.

It’s like a little club.

And sometimes it’s not great,
(Like when Ada decides that a great form of communication for frustration is biting)
But I still have the club. 😀

It’s almost the end of week two and I am excited that Dylan and I chose this for ourselves as a family and mostly, I am excited that I chose this avenue of work as a mother. Even on our rough days (and trust me, with Little Miss Independent there are definitely a few…or more…), I couldn’t be happier that I am allowed to experience so much with my beautiful daughter. I look back on the few months that Dylan and I rotated care and Sheila and Caleb helped us and I wonder all the little things that I missed.

I know that this kind of thing isn’t for everyone, but I am so happy.


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