Starbucks, Hospitals, Weight Watchers and Home Buying

(Disclaimer: This post may be whine-y. Consider yourselves forewarned.)


I think that pretty much sums up the time since my last post.

We’ve been so busy it’s been hard to breathe…or maybe that’s because my blood pressure is through the roof with all the waiting in our lives. Who knows.

Well, let’s start at the beginning…Dylan started work at Starbucks. Which is fun, but not fun. He’s not getting the hours he had been promised, hopefully this situation will remedy within the next week or I might have to get out my angry eyes and start making things happen. No one wants that to happen, so we’ll just pray that it changes.
On a nicer note, he’s liking it. It’s nice to finally have a job that you can leave behind after you’re done. He’s had so many service jobs that require so much emotionally that to have a break for a while will be nice, especially since he’s combining it with school.

I’m pretty much picking up every shift offered me at my store to fill in the gaps with Dylan’s weird schedule. It’s kinda stressful, but I’ll be done soon, so I’m just sucking it up til then (although, if you asked my husband, I’m not sucking it up very quietly).

We were in the hospital overnight again for Miss Ada’s breathing troubles again. We went in Monday morning at 5 am after a bad night. They decided to keep her, which was a smart decision, as she was diagnosed once again with pneumonia. Luckily this time she didn’t require an IV which was a plus and recovered much quicker than the last time. We were discharged Tuesday afternoon.
She also was officially diagnosed with asthma and we were given a schedule/rules of some sort in order to maintain her health, which was/is a huge blessing. Before in California the doctors never wanted to diagnose her, they just tiptoed around the issue and told us to try this or that and if that didn’t work to try a little bit more of this or something other. So…hopefully on Dr. Lunn’s care and our daily maintenance schedule of nebulizer treatments, she (and we) will avoid the horrible, scary ER trips and hospitalizations.

On another note…the girls from Starbucks coerced me into attending a weight watchers meeting last Thursday. Then they convinced me to enlist. It was an interesting experience…I did feel somewhat like part of a herd of cattle getting weighed to go to market…but I think that maybe this is something that will be “fun” to do with my coworkers and will benefit me and my family (I’ll be healthier, happier and hotter). So we’ll see. So far, so good. I’m even writing down my pointage consumed diligently…although….this is only day 2.

AND for the biggie…we heard that we’re getting the house!!

Yay God!

Hopefully we’ll be able to close on Tuesday, September 1st…which isn’t too bad considering our original date was on the 31st. Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers a comin’ for us, it would be much appreciated.

I keep telling myself that once we move, I’ll be much more diligent about updating this blog…I always say that. Maybe I’ll get better.


2 thoughts on “Starbucks, Hospitals, Weight Watchers and Home Buying

  1. I love you friend! I'm so excited for you!! I can't wait to see it! I hope miss Ada is feeling better. I'm glad you got some answers from this whole ordeal and hopefully you'll be making no more early morning, after bad night hospital trips. You're beautiful friend!!!!Love you

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