The House

These are the realtor’s pictures of our soon-to-be-house.
I just thought you might want a peak at what we’re buying.

The front of the house. The kitchen. It’s not huge but it’s spacious enough to be
comfortable and the whole house has a nice open layout for the
most part. It’s got newer appliances as well and has a
DISHWASHER!! We’re so excited for that feature! It’s also
got newer cabinetry (which is nice) and a big, deep sink.

This is looking from the kitchen into the dining This is the dining room into the kitchen.
room. There’s a little island/breakfast bar setup that’s really
cute and gives us extra counter space and more cupboards.

The dining room looking out onto the deck. There’s The living room looking from the dining room.
sliding glass doors and it brings in such nice light!

The living room is cozy but it’s nice. Plus it goes right out One of the bedrooms is right off the living room.
onto the enclosed front porch. It’s got beautiful The bedrooms have wood plank floors…I’m not sure
hardwood floors. what we’ll do with those yet.

The second bedroom is off the dining room. Same floors. There are built-in cabinets in the bathroom.

The bathroom is small but cute. The basement needs finishing work but will be fine for now.

The “3rd” bedroom is in the basement. It doesn’t have an This is the deck off of the dining room.
egress though, so it can’t officially count as one. We will
be putting one in asap.

We’ll take more pictures later and post of the yard and garage and what-not because I know you’re so excited. 🙂 YAY!!!

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