A Prayer for You


Thank you for your wisdom and guidance, for your love and infinite understanding and peace. Thank you for the beautiful weather outside and the recent proximity of our family.
Lord, thank you for bringing into our lives people that have touched our souls in ways that they can never understand. Thank you for bringing our paths together at just the right time, when You knew that our hearts were soft and yielding.

Father, thank you for continuing to provide for us day after day. We have so much more than we deserve or will ever for that matter. Thank you for meeting our physical needs and our emotional, for teaching us that love is something that we do not need to earn, but are fully given in grace.

Lord I pray for our friends. Specifically all our friends in Southern California.

We can’t be there for them physically and we wish we could be, but it was not where we are meant to be. So Lord, I pray that you give them peace and understanding, wisdom and patience, diligence and perseverance; not that we would’ve been able to give them those things, but rather been a conduit from You to them in encouragement towards those things.

We love them very much and worry about their well-being, their happiness and contentment. So Lord, please watch over them, put your comforting, calming hand upon their backs so that they might know You are there. You are always there, but Lord, help them to feel You walking beside them in their daily lives as a reminder that someone far away is praying for them and that You, You have not forgotten them.

You are the all-powerful, all-knowing and all-abled God.

Thank you for loving us and wanting us to succeed. Thank you for your ability to work in all situations, places, times and through all different kinds of people. Lord, open our eyes to your beauty and answers. Soften our hearts to your desires and will. Although our prayers may not be answered in the way that we might like or through the means that we would prefer Lord, You are always listening and always willing to answer.

Thank you Lord.



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