The Sixth Day

It is the sixth day until our last day of scheduled work here at Tahquitz.

Both Dylan and I are getting anxious. We love it here, but we also have been living in the “we’re-going-to-move-can’t-wait-I-hate-all-these-boxes-and-packing-and-living-in-limbo-feeling.” Needless to say, we’re so over it.

My parents are flying into LAX on Thursday to help us finish packing and fly Ada and I back out to the Midwest. I think we’ll go to the Farmers’ Market that night for one last hurrah. Dad didn’t get to go the last time he was here and I know they’ll both love it. Besides…we won’t be able to buy cherries and other wonderful assorted fruits and veggies for so cheap for a long time.

I’ve packed and packed and packed and packed and I’m almost done. Now I just have to motivate myself to do that last bit of packing that seems so much more overwhelming than it really is. Or maybe it just seems that way because packing while watching a toddler is like packing one box five times.

Ada doesn’t know. (Obviously.) I think she’ll be okay though. I thought I would start work up again right when we get back, but I think that I’ll take an extra week to let her get acclimated to ND and our family again before leaving her in their care. They’re awesome and I know they’d take the freaked out screaming and whining in stride…but that’s not really fair to her or them…or their ears.

There is just so much to do and so little time. I feel like it’s too fast, the time has passed too quickly and yet it has dragged on so slowly.


2 thoughts on “The Sixth Day

  1. I’m sad you’re leaving. Have I said that yet? Mostly I’m sad you’re taking Ada from us… ok, I’m sad to loose you two as well. I guess. Baby stealers.

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