Return of the Barista

It’s official.

(I find myself using that phrase a lot lately.)

I am once again a starbuxian, also known as a coffee-freak, coffee-peddler, coffee-pusher, coffee connoisseur, barista, coffee maker, coffee changer, coffee specialist, coffee technician, coffee lover, coffee addicted, coffee owned. You get the idea.

It’ll be good I think. There’s been a lot of changes going on in the two stores in GF, so that’ll make it even easier to transition back into the system…right? Well, either way, it’s good. This will help us get our house loan and help us build some extra money for when I do open the daycare (hopefully at the end of August/beginning of September).

Luckily my manager is pretty awesome and hopefully I’ll get on a regular schedule so that if we do need to find a babysitter for a few hours while Dylan and I are working, it’ll be a lot easier. My availability is mostly opens…I’m hoping for opens so that I can watch Ada for most of the time when Dylan is at work. Otherwise, Sheila and Caleb are willing to help us out when needed…which is great. We’re deeply appreciative of their generosity.


“Good Morning and welcome to Starbucks, what can I get for you today?” will be my mantra once again.

I’ll see you there at the crack of dawn for all your coffee, tea and pastry-related needs!


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