Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Here we go again.

More boxes.

Boxes upon boxes.

Upon boxes upon boxes.

We’ve got ten days of work left.

Dylan leaves Idyllwild for Las Vegas to pick up Charlie in thirteen days.

Mom, Dad, Ada and I leave LA in fifteen days.


Time is flying by like nobody’s business. I feel ready–I’ve been packing and have almost finished everything I can that we don’t immediately need. I’m excited to see my parents–they’re coming out to help us move–and to see Sheila, Terry, Caleb, Logan, Cassie, Terrah, Ben, Lael…you get the idea. I’m ready to be done with all this moving nonsense. But alas, we still have a little more to go before we’re officially “moved.”

Hopefully we’ll find a house within a month/month and half. Hopefully. We’ll see. I hope.


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