Bath Tub Fun and What-Not


It hit me last night that we’ll be in Grand Forks in less than a month. That’s crazy.

Granted, we are going to be logging some time in my in-laws basement (yes, we are now those people) before finding a house that meets our needs. We’ve found a couple online through the realty websites, but how much can you really tell from the pictures? Sheila, Terry, Caleb, Ben and Kellie went to a few open houses for us to check some of them out–we’re extremely blessed to have family and friends like that, willing to do our house-seeking grunt work for us. With that in mind, hopefully we’ll find a house fairly fast and our pre-approval will also go through just as quickly.

But I am just SO excited to have Ada get to know her cousin Lael better and her aunts and uncles and grandparents. She’s in such an exploratory, curious stage that now is the perfect time–much better than when we visited last December when she was sick, crabby and stranger-wary.

On another note, Dylan and I have decided that I am going to stay home with Ada and open a small home daycare. I’m pretty excited about it and am blessed to know others with many years of experience in the self-employment/childcare realm. It’ll definitely be interesting/tough/fun/frustrating/etc. to get it going, but I know it will pay off in the end. We’ve been crunching numbers to figure out our situation and decided that even if I worked a $10 an hour job for 40 hours a week, I would still only be paying for health insurance, daycare and maybe a round of ice cream cones. Opening my own daycare would allow me to be with Ada (which means no childcare costs) and also make a living doing something I enjoy–hanging out with children. So, to state once again, I am excited.

There’s lots to do, but it certainly doesn’t seem as daunting…well…at least for now. Ask me in a couple of weeks closer to our moving date and I might slap myself for being so naive. But we’re old hat at this moving game, so I think we’ll be good.


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