I can now breathe. *BIG sigh of relief*

It’s official.

The decision has been tossed back and forth since we passed our seventh month mark as being So-Cal-ers. And now we’ve finally made the decision that it’s the best thing for our small little family.

We’re moving back.

I know. WoW.

But we do think that this is our best next step. Dylan will be working with Ben and his new business, Belmont Builders (by the way, if you need anything done to your house…they’re the ones to call!). I am still in the works of finding a job (Starbucks is an open option if I don’t find one before we move)–I’m hoping that a nanny job that’s in the works will indeed, work out.

Otherwise, we’re in the motions of buying a house…I’m hoping that that too works out the way we’d like or else we’ll be back to renting for a while.

The pictures above are Ada…obviously. The first is our first day in our new home (see all the unpacked boxes in the background?). She wasn’t even crawling yet, just rolling her way around. Her hair still stuck up in a mohawk-ish spurt and she was still drinking from a bottle. The second picture was taken not too long ago when Shanna and Adam came to visit us. She’s walking now, her hair is getting really long, and she’s all about being “Little Miss Independent.” She’s changed SO much within just ten months. She looks like a little girl now instead of a baby.

It’ll be good for her to get to know all of her family back in the Midwest, especially now that she’s not terrified of strangers. All the grandparents (as you probably already guessed) are ecstatic, as are the aunts and uncles. It’ll be a stressful month, but on May 25th we’ll be Midwesterners once again. So keep your calendars open!!


8 thoughts on “I can now breathe. *BIG sigh of relief*

  1. Great Grandpa and Grandma from Alexandria, MN, can’t wait for you to get back home… I have sent Ada’s picture in her Easter dress from your blog to “a few” of our friends who all think she is adorable… too!

  2. So where exactly is “back”? Grand Forks? Yay for North Dakota! Congratulations on a decision made. I’ll pray that you will find rest and be able to experience Jesus in the midst of the crazy transition. And I’m looking forward to coffee and playdates!

  3. All those comments about it being great SUCK! Those people don’t know how good your life is out here. They can’t make a judgement based on their lack of knowledge of your So Cal lifestyle, to which you have become accustomed. This is so dumb.And the real reason I wanted to comment is that I honestly don’t remember Ada being that little, roly poly, and chubby when you got here. Weird. When I think of her she’s all toothy grinned, holding a pear core. Walking around on her cankles and thunder thighs.Now I’m sad.I’ll give you all the money we have for that child…..Think about it.

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