Happy Easter! He has risen indeed!!

Happy Easter everyone!!
We woke up this morning and Ada found her Easter basket (it was a pretty hard find on top of the cow chair). She got a fun stash of Easter eggs filled with Goldfishies, soft flowers, hair clips, baby chick, blankie and bath toy holder-all in a sweet Dora the Explorer bucket! Her favorite was definitely the Easter eggs…she cracked them open and started chomping away (we should’ve guessed…it was the first thing we did this morning).

Great-Grandma Phyllis sent Ada an Easter dress when Brock and Nina were here. Doesn’t she look cute? Her hair clip is from her Easter basket.

She really likes toothbrushes. That’s nothing new…but we’re going to buy her a new “big girl” toothbrush the next time we go down the mountain. We’ve got a little finger toothbrush, the kind you just slip onto the end of your fingertip, but now that she’s got a hefty set of twelve teeth…our fingers are in jeopardy everytime we brush.

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