Update 04/05 Edition!

Since I haven’t updated in a while… Ada did indeed have pneumonia again and we got to experience the “amazing” health system once again here in southern California. (If you couldn’t taste my dripping sarcasm, so far, I think that they’ve staffed every facility here with Oompa Loompas running around singing silly songs with Willy Wonka instead of capable staff.) She’s doing much better now…she’s still got a pretty nasty wet cough, but with consistent nebulizer treatments, hopefully we’ll kick it for good. Although, her pediatrician did refer us to an asmtha/allergy specialist to see why she succumbed to the illness so quickly (we’re talking a couple week span of semi-health). I’m still waiting to hear from our insurance that it’s okay to make the appointment, hopefully we’ll hear by Wednesday and have an appointment by Thursday. We’ll see though. As stated before, I don’t have much faith.

In other Ada news…
My sweet, adorable daughter has now entered into her toddler years
…kicking, screaming and crying all the way. Granted, she has been sick and is getting her last first year molar...even still…I didn’t expect the tantrums to make a debut in her little life quite so early. Just this morning in the dining room, I wanted her to come with me and get out of the way of the serving line. I grabbed her hand and tried to walk with her away, but she wrenched her little play-doughy fist out of my grasp and stamped her feet. When I went to lead her away again, she stamped, stamped, stamped, stamped some more and then added another stamp before plopping onto the ground, kicking her legs, balling her little face up before proceeding to let out a cringe-inducing howl and other anti-ear sounds. GREAT. You will all get a treat when we come around in September, hopefully by then the brunt of it will have been expelled upon her poor, tired parents.
And in some more news…
We’re still in the application process.
Still trying to figure out what’s next.
Where we want to be.
Where we’re supposed to be.

I guess that’s a never-ending process in some ways. I just wish it would get a little easier. Until then, we’re filling out applications nearer home. And although we’ll miss our extra super friends out here in southern California, we’ve made the decision that if we’re not going to do overseas missions, there really is no reason to be so far away from our family. So with that in mind, if you know of any jobs that are full-time and that would be a good match to us, send them our way! 🙂 Even though we’re swimming in a sea of applications, one more never hurt anybody.

Dylan is looking at park ranger jobs and what not, a career to use his degree. We’ve thrown around moving back to Grand Forks so he could get a fish and wildlife biology degree to compliment his b.s. in recreation and lesiure studies. That’s still a possibility, but we’d really have to work out all the kinks of moving, jobs and living arrangements to pursue that one and I’m not sure that either one of us has the energy to do that (and of course, it would have to be figured out right now as far as timing goes). If we move back closer, I think it would be easier for me to finish school too…which would be AMAZING. It’s just hard to find the time and space with work and Ada. (Although, I know lots of people do this and I am probably just making excuses at this point.)

Anyhow, however the next few weeks, months and even years pan out, we will continue to work on our contentment of the now instead of constantly seeking the future. God has been good to us. A steady job, free house, beautiful (sassy sally pants) daughter, loving (neurotic) dog and good friends that have become our “California family.” Simply speaking, we can’t and shouldn’t complain. God will continue to be good to us, even through the obstacles we will face in the coming months, but we are blessed and we know it. And we know that if we continue to seek His will out, we’ll be always be okay.

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