Another Weekend Is Upon Us

So the word on the street is that Hannah and Dane’s little boy Gabe is doing much better (although he was recently diagnosed with jaundice). So praise the Lord for that one.

On a different note…

It’s another weekend here at Tahquitz. We’ve got two groups in and so far they’ve been really laid-back (which is definitely something that we don’t take for granted). Dylan and our other Bible study guys are going on a “guy only” camping trip at Hurkey Creek on Sunday. So us girls are going to have a movie night (I think), otherwise, Ada and I will chill out at home with some yummy ice cream and sing-a-long with Bob and Larry. Sounds pretty entertaining, right?

As of now, my beautiful daughter is still waking us up at night, although it is not for as long and she doesn’t cry as ridiculously. We have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday to see if there’s anything else we can do or whether we’ll just have to wait out the coughing and night-waking. But other than that, she certainly is doing better. It’s been quite warm around these parts and so her favorite thing to do as of late is walk around the grounds. She loves to explore all the little nooks and crannies and pick up and taste all the “organic” looking things she finds on her expeditions. Gross, but cute all at the same time.

I have come to a realization that for the next few years my daughter will only be clean for the first two minutes out of the bath when I’m putting her diaper back on and rubbing lotion on her little legs. The rest of the 23 hours, 58 minutes of the day she will more than likely be covered in a varying assortment of crusty, dried milk, sticky bananas, staining berry residue, cracker crumbles and paste, snot, dirt, spit and drool, leaf and pine needle fragments, and God-knows-what.

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