The Joys of Motherhood Part Deux

Thanks to all who prayed for Ada when she was sick with pneumonia. We definitely could feel them and appreciate your concern and support throughout the entire ordeal.

She’s doing much better as I stated earlier in this blog…but another weird “symptom” has cropped up since. Ada has always been a good sleeper. She always slept through the night, from infancy to a few weeks ago, and we were blessed. A little, happy and well-rested family. Those days are simply no more.

Now she wakes herself up coughing every night around the same time. There’s about an hour window of when she wakes and then about a one and a half to two hours that follow of mind-numbing screaming, crying, whining, demanding and absolute, hair-pulling, maddening fussiness. She eventually goes back to sleep…but the whole process needs to occur in order for her to merge into the wonderful, delightful land of slumber. Needless to say, Dylan and I have forgotten the last time we slept well. And at this rate…we won’t be welcoming it anytime soon. Which is quite unfortunate.

Now, Dylan and I don’t have any idea why this started and continues to happen. We’ve many a theory…she hasn’t completely recovered from pneumonia, she’s already caught another bug of some unknown origin, she has allergies, she coughs once and wakes herself only to get mad and cough more…WHO KNOWS, she’s just gotten used to seeing us in the middle of the night (when she was really ill we would check on her compulsively and tend her every need whenever–I mean, what parent wouldn’t in that case?). Anyhow, we sure as heck don’t know what’s going on.

So…after another long, sleepless night we decided to call her doctor to make an appointment…maybe get a medical reason for this nonsense…or at least maybe get some peace of mind/parenting advice. Sooo…we’re meeting her next Wednesday (the soonest they could get us in with a scheduled appointment) and hopefully we’ll have some answers.
I guess we’ll just tough it out until then.


One thought on “The Joys of Motherhood Part Deux

  1. I’m so sorry. There’s nothing worse than watching your child be sick or unhappy. It doesn’t help when it’s happening in the middle of the night, every night. My heart goes out to you guys. I hope you get some answers at the doctor next week.Sarah

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