A Week’s Recap Thus Far

The Minnesotans are leaving us soon.
Back to their snowy, frozen tundra.

We’re going to the Farmers’ Market tonight in Redlands (Ada and Dylan will be staying home to give them a little respite from all the driving) and tomorrow we’ll all head off to L.A. and venture around Koreatown for while before dropping the kiddos off at their hotel and saying goodbye until September. It seems like the time has just flown by. Like they just got here.

So, for a quick recap of this short week so far…

Saturday the 14th: Dylan picks up Brock and Nina from LAX. Their flight was delayed about an hour due to mechanical things in Minneapolis but they arrived safely and went straight to bed.

Sunday the 15th: Brock and Nina are awakened first by Moses and then by Ada. Eventually we get out the door and spend the day in Palm Desert, basking in the sun at the memorial park. We played on the playground (Ada loves to slide) and in the splashpark for a little while before heading over to Costco to pick up some groceries for the week.

Monday the 16th: Dylan and I both had to work, so we left a note on the door for Brock and Nina to scurry down whenever they were ready. I got off later that day and so I took both Brock and Nina around town for a short walk. Then we headed home and they babysat for us while Dylan and I went down to Palm Springs for our first official date since moving out here in August.
We ate at an Asian fusion place and shared a tempura appetizer, edamame, a bulgogi bowl and sushi. Our favorite ones we tried were the unagi (eel) and spicy tuna rolls. We ordered salmon roe to try it out…BIG MISTAKE. I hated it. Dylan thought it wasn’t so bad, so he ate the rest of mine…but…NO thanks. I’m not a big texture freak when it comes to food and eating, but this stuff was just a little too much for me. It was too much like tapioca balls and the squishing burst that occurs when you chew…*shudder* And the saltiness…if you haven’t gotten it by now, I didn’t like it. We then went to “Gomorra.” A HORRIBLE date movie. It was okay, but was really convuluted in its telling…nice try Martin Scorsese…but officially not on my best movie list.

Tuesday the 17th: Dylan and I took the day off and we loaded up the car to go to San Diego for the day. We went to Coronado for a couple of hours, but it got so windy that we left because of the sand whipping us at every turn. We drove around for a while and ventured into Balboa Park to walk and play on the playground. Ada loved the playground and all the tots her age there. Her newest form of greeting is to face you, squat down and give an all-teeth-bearing grin before turning around and toddling away.
We were getting hungry so we stopped at the Indian Palace restaurant…and to our embarrassment turned out to be a much classier and expensive restaurant than what we wanted. I made some lame excuse about Ada not being good and we booked it out the door, leaving a tip behind for all their trouble. However, not all was lost as Brock and Nina experienced their first ever In-N-Out Burger and fries (and I got to fill my craving). Two cheeseburgers, one animal style and one with only ketchup, two double-doubles both animal style and four orders of fries well done with extra packets of ketchup, one strawberry shake, two root beers and one 7-up later…we were satisfied and on the road home.
We capped off our eventful day by watching “Trader.” It was okay, I wasn’t the biggest fan, but everyone else seemed to like it enough.

Wednesday the 18th: Another working day. Brock and Nina walked around town by themselves and ended up eating at one of our favorite restuarants (Chinese of course). I made broccoli cheddar soup and creamy bacon mushroom soup for Bible study and we headed over to the Tates from 6-10 pm. We’re definitely those people that stay past our welcome…sorry Tates and Tatelings.

And Today, Thursday the 19th: Here we are again, working with Brock and Nina in town wandering a bit more about. Tonight we’re off to the Farmers’ Market and then I’m going to take them to Nubi, a delicious frozen yogurt bar that Steve and Becky introduced us to. I’m pretty excited.

So there you have it, a quick recap of the week thus far.
I know it had you on the edge of your seat.

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