Laundry Days

One more day or so until my brother and his girlfriend arrive. The house is pretty abuzz with excitement seeing as Ben, Terrah and Lael’s departure left us all feeling a little homesick. So needless to say, we’re excited to see them…even though they won’t be coming in until 11:30 tomorrow night!!

We’re still in the process of filling out our applications.
Luckily we’ve had wonderful support here in California from our co-workers and friends. They’ve offered great counsel in the last few days as we’ve moved through this process one step after the other.

This picture from our family’s visit made me think of the big picture. You know, the one that we can’t fully see but we know is there. The metaphor should be blatant enough already but if you need some help… Dylan and I are so excited for the next step in our life and we eagerly strain and try to look ahead, take a peek into our futures, try to cheat time and know the hows and whens and whys. I know we’re silly and impatient and young…but it’s just so tempting to try and, I don’t know, “outrun” time to just catch a glimpse of where we’ll be or what purpose we were fashioned for.

But I guess we’ll just have to wait. Slow down and enjoy life as God brings it into view.


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