Blogging the Day Away

I’m sitting in my office, typing up a summer staff handbook and researching Nehemiah for our summer program and knee deep in an alphabetic magnet book. I’ve only been at work since 1 pm and I’m exhausted.

Needless to say, today has been LONG…and it’s only 1:30.

Ada and I went to our WIC appointment this morning…the general protocol is to sign in, sit down and wait until you’re called. However, the last three times we’ve gone, we haven’t had to sign in, they just see us, nod and call us up at our time.

Not this time.

We waited an hour before I went up and asked the ladies whether or not we were still on for the day’s appointment (I generally have a 20-30 minute wait before every appointment). She (the one woman I always have my appointment with) informed me that I should sign in and they’ll see if they can get me in. She assumed that I had just gotten there and missed my appointment time earlier that morning. Annoyed, I informed her that, no, we arrived ten minutes early even and had been waiting since. She then said, Please just wait until we can get to you.


So we sat and waited until everyone there went through, even the walk-ins, before us.

And then we didn’t qualify.

WIC checks your income about every year to make sure that your family still qualifies for the program. Prior to now, we had not had ours checked since right after Ada was born and Dylan was still working at Development Homes and I was on maternity leave for Starbucks. Our paycheck from Tahquitz put us just $100 over the maximum amount. Bah.

I shouldn’t complain. I know. We were extremely blessed to have their help all throughout my pregnancy and Ada’s first year of life. When I weaned Ada from breastfeeding to formula, it was more than a godsend for us and our meager paychecks…I guess I got spoiled?

The lady asked me if I was pregnant because then I would qualify. Um. No. Definitely No.

Oh well. We have Bible study, friends and burgers in line for tonight, that’ll make it all better.


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