On The Mend

The past few weeks have been pretty dang ridiculous.

Let me telllllll you.

Ben, Terrah and Lael came out to visit us for a week. Which was wonderful, amazing and refreshing in every way.

Unfortunately, Ada caught something somewhere along the lines (which wouldn’t have been too difficult as she seems to have been sick all this month) and we wound up going down to Palm Desert the day they left to see her doctor. She was wheezing, coughing, miserable, feverish and not hungry…and when our child isn’t hungry…we know there’s a problem. So off we went, down the hill to see Dr. Ramos and get her medical opinion on what we should do next.

It was a long day of waiting to say the least. Lots and lots of waiting. Lots. And because of all the waiting we ended up getting Ada’s xray after the Ramos’ office was closed which meant that we drove home and hoped for the best (don’t all parents?). The next morning we got a call from her office telling us to come down for another appointment and that Ada had pneumonia.


We drove down again, packed our bags in case she were checked into a hospital and met with Ramos. She gave her a shot, prescribed a fun grab bag of antibiotic goodies and a nebulizer for our poor little girl. Which, by the way, Ada absolutely hates in the worst way. Anyhow, we decided to stay the night there in case her symptoms were to worsen throughout the night.

Our friends were amazing. The prayers and their support were wonderful and were a breath of fresh air in a horrible, scary and lonely situation. I’m continually amazed at how short a time we’ve been here and yet what amazing, true friends we’ve cultivated. Brian and Britney brought down Ada’s portacrib and nebulizer (which we forgot in our rush to get to the doctor’s) and they even brought us dinner to eat. Josh, Sarah, Becky, Steve, Sharon, Kay, Ben, Alan, Linda…they were all so supportive and willing to help. Even the doctor was great, calling us a couple times that night to check and make sure Ada was having wet diapers, whether her fever was going down or stagnate and if she was eating/drinking.

We stayed the night in a hotel and went to another appointment in the morning so that the doctor could check on her progress and what not. Ramos gave her another shot and gave her an “ok” bill of health…meaning…we should watch her over the weekend and make sure that her symptoms do not worsen, otherwise we’re to call her cell or have her paged.

SO…here we are. Waiting it out. Three doses of amoxacillon, two doses of phentynol and nebulizer treatements of abuterol/saline mixture every 4-6 hours. Trying to get her to drink Pedialyte/Pediasure, to sleep throughout the night, praying her throat feels better and that her horrible, whooping cough goes away soon…

On a better note, today she is doing better. She’s gaining a little more of her appetite and is eating table foods willingly. She’s taking her bottles and keeping them down, the nebulizer treatments do seem to be helping (even though it’s a horrible, hellish five minutes) and she takes her meds really well, especially since they taste gross…cherry flavored…who are you kidding? So that’s good. She’s playing more, willing to walk more instead of just crawl, doing her own thing instead of just clinging to us.

We can only pray that God takes this away from her soon. I hate seeing her like this and I hate that we’re not sleeping (Dylan’s getting sick now too)…so if you think about it, please remember us in your prayers.


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