Death Warmed Over Plans a Party

We’ve been sick.

Which is why the updates have been somewhat sparse as of late. We’re finally starting to come round the final bend of this flu but I’m pretty sure we’ve still got about a week or so of runny noses and coughs left to field. Which, I guess is better than the alternative.

I don’t know what it is about this Southern California weather but for whatever reason pestilence has hovered about our household like we were the last ones on earth. I’m hoping that this is it…at least for a while…or until the next flu season. Needless to say, I could use a break.

The one “good” thing about being sick is that you have a lot of time to ruminate and stew over thoughts in one’s head. One of the biggest things in my mom-brain has been Ada’s upcoming first birthday.


How did we get here? Where did my little infant go? The one that slept on a dime for hours and hours on end, was pleased with herself whenever she passed gas and simply laid there? Now I have a crazy, fearless child who climbs and scales just about any piece of furniture, person or animal, “sasses” her parents with looks, throws temper tantrums and, as of yesterday, WALKS!??! It’s obscene.

And although I know that she won’t care whether or not we give her a party at this point in her life, how could I live with myself knowing that I didn’t years later when she asks me where all her birthday pictures photos are? So Dylan and I decided that we’d throw a small get together at The Horse’s Head for her. We’re inviting our neighbors and Bible study over to marvel at our beautiful one-year-old, eat sloppy joes or taco-in-a-bag (we haven’t decided yet…which, on a totally off shoot note…people in the West have never heard of taco-in-a-bag!! It’s a very strange concept for us that they don’t know what it is because it’s such a easy, go-to food combination in the Midwest. And if you’re from the Midwest, you totally understand what I’m talking about and it’s utter deliciousness and overwhelming good-osity.). We’re also going to open a couple of presents (if you were invited, please do not bring gifts…we don’t want anyone to be burdened with something like that, even if it seems trivial) and chit chat the night away with some good peeps.

We’ll make sure to take a crazy-ridiculous amount of pictures to post later…and hopefully I’ll have a couple good ones/videos too of Ada walking about with her chubby little bow legs.


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