Christmas in Idyllwild

Christmas was a little strange this year.
Less Festive.
More Adult?

Nevertheless, it was strange.

Being away from family for the first big holiday probably had a lot to do with it, but we marched on…I mean…it was Ada’s first Christmas and all. We opened presents Christmas Eve morning from all the Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunt, Uncles and Cousin. She got a lot of good stuff and if she could, she would say thank you very much.

We spent the evening at Brian and Britney’s house with her family eating a big roast and conversing. Christmas Day we did the same, although we did brave roasting a leg of lamb this year. And I’m quite proud to say we did well.

Perhaps next Christmas it will feel a little more like Christmas. Maybe we’ve even started a tradition by eating pancakes, eggs and coffee for breakfast and opening our presents on Christmas Eve morning and eating dinner later that night with friends that feel like family. Who knows.

But there is always next year.


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