The Moms & Caleb Came to Visit

Our Moms and Caleb came to visit us this Fall. Unfortunately it was much too short of a visit. We went to the Farmers’ Market in Redlands, Huntington Beach (which is where all of these pictures are from) and also Knotts Berry Farms where we rode roller coasters and gut-splitting rides until we about died. Needless to say, it was awesome!

The beach was beautiful that day-sunny, warm, and bright. Dylan had a great time with Caleb swimming in the ocean and boogie boarding. It was Caleb and Sheila’s first visit to the ocean, we were excited to be able to share the time with them. Ada loves the ocean, as can be seen in earlier photos from San Diego. Although, she still has a thing for eating sand…something that we’re working on.

Oh! And Wendy came with us! Actually, she let us stay at her house after our beach adventure and took us all to Knotts the next day.

We went to the Pier and ate at Ruby’s Diner on the end. It was a fun way to end a great day together. The last pictures is of Sheila, Jill and Caleb at the beginning of the Pier-blocking a patrol car. Luckily they could spot a tourist a million miles away and allowed us to resume taking our picture before moseying their way onto the strip.


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