A Midwest Christmas

We flew to Grand Forks in early December to see Dylan’s family. It was a great mini vacation for us and we loved seeing everyone, even if it was only for a short while. Ada had a little bit of a rough start, she had been teething with a fever a couple days before we left and her fever broke on the plane ride over. So needless to say, unfortunately, this first picture is more than a true representation of her mood most of the time.

Luckily Lael didn’t seem to mind.

We went to the water park while we were in town. It was probably the iciest, windiest, coldest and most treacherous night that we could’ve ventured out…but we made it. Ada loves water and loves to swim, her favorite areas were near and on the baby tree swings and riding on the lazy river with her Mommy and Daddy, Aunt Terrah, Cousin Lael and Uncles Ben and Caleb. It took Lael a little time to warm up to the notion of so much water but she soon grew to love it. We also met Great-Grandma Hilda there. It was nice to catch up with her and spend some quality time together.

We also ventured South to Fargo to Grandma Jill and Grandpa Pete’s new townhouse. Grandma Jill just got a new job working at MeritCare and so they began renting it to make the communte easier and safer during the snowy winter months. Uncle Brock and Gunnar were also there to greet us. Ada got a bunch of fun presents and loved hearing the Grandpa Pete’s elephant and duck impressions.

Back in Grand Forks we spent some more time with our Dachtler family and got to go to Hope Covenant on Sunday for church to see Pastor Paul. And lucky for us, Ada’s Godfather Ben was around that weekend so we spent some time with him as well.

The last few days of our trip passed by all too quickly. We went to Great-Grandma Hilda’s house with Uncle Logan and chatted over coffee and sweets. Great Aunt Sharon stopped by for a little while as well. And as you can see, Ada and her Uncle sported some sweet matching headbands!

Due to the weather our flight kept getting delayed and thus prolonged the visit a day or so into which many exciting things happened! Logan did the dishes for funsies, Ada let Grandpa Terry feed her and we remembered to leave Lael’s vest behind so she wouldn’t get cold in the following months.


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