Sandy Eggo

So after a hectic week of work, we decided that we’d take a well-deserved trip up to San Diego and check out a few of the local attractions (i.e. the beaches). We got here this morning and went immediately to Coronada…it’s close to the Marine Corps. base so there was a ton of helicopters and jets flying overhead (a bit noisy for naptime) but it was absolutely beautiful! The sand is unbelievable and both Katie and Dylan got a little red…tomorrow we’ll be hitting the sunscreen pretty hard. Ada loved the waves and the ocean, she would giggle and do her excited, snorting face everytime the waves would crash around us.

We also went to Sunset Cliffs Park tonight and walked along side them. It was amazing, we watched surfers out in the “chilly” night and took a ton of pictures. And what night would be complete without a little In-And-Out Burger? We finally succumbed to the Californian obsession and tried it…and we loved it. Maybe eventually we’ll be cool enough to get a hang of all the “customizations” that can go along with cheeseburgers and double/doubles. To top all that deliciousness off, we treated ourselves to Baskin Robbins ice cream…yum. Ada even got in on a little of that action, she is a girl after her mother’s heart and loves chocolate the best.

Tomorrow we plan on going to the Mission Bay area and checking out the beach. We might even go to the zoo…depending on how red either one of us ends up. Ada, of course, is fine. Well, better than fine, she’s been amazing this entire trip.

Hopefully we’ll have pictures and video clips up after we get back on Saturday. Try not to be jealous when you see them…instead, channel that anger into motivation to come and visit! We promise to be good host and hostesses!


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