Finally…A NEW POST!

We’re all moved into our new home here in Idyllwild. It’s absolutely beautiful and we’re getting used to our job quickly. It’s been interesting as we’ve had to start from scratch as far as process, pattern and product…but it’s nice because once everything is in place, it’ll be exactly how we like it. Hopefully we’ll be able to leave it in an organized enough manner that if and/or when we leave, it’ll be easy for the next housekeepers to just pick up and roll from where we left off.

We’ve been a bit of adventuring around Idyllwild, Redlands, Hemet and Palm Desert since we got here. There’s a great little Greek place that we like to eat at and a cool coffee shop in town as well. We’ve gone to the farmers’ market in Redlands quite a few times already. The city is about 40 minutes away from us up the mountain and it takes place every Thursday evening. If you come and visit, that will definitely be a destination spot! We’ve been meaning to take our camera with us there, but keep forgetting it…they have the best roasted corn stand and always have interesting bands playing (the last few times we’ve been there there’s been a pirate band and a blues brothers band). We’ll post pictures of all those places soon!

We also witnessed our first forest fire when we went to one of the local lakes on the mountain! We went for a day of relaxation with our friends, Brian and Brittney and their dog Salty, and wound up calling 911! Luckily the boys were able to help contain it before extra help came from nearby (they brought fire extinguishers) and the firefighters showed up not far behind. Needless to say, it was definitely exciting!

As for us…we’re adapting well. We miss our friends and family back in the Midwest, but we’re meeting new people everyday that are helping to ease that void. There are two new, young couples along with us here at the conference center (Brian and Brittney work in the kitchen, Steve works in maintenance and Becky works in the office). We all get along well and have shared quite a few dinners together already. And lucky for us, Ada seems to have taken well to all of them.

And speaking of Ada, she’s doing well…growing a mile a minute and developing faster than we ever could’ve imagined. She’s already gotten two teeth with more to come, exchanged scooting for crawling, tasted her first pureed meats (yum…) and seen her first horse (at the farmers’ market) and fire (see above)! She’s starting to pull herself up on things, so now we’ve got our hands even more full…we didn’t think that was possible. She’s amazing and we love her and we’re so glad that she has people in her life, such as yourselves, that care about her as much as we do.

Anyway, we just wanted to update you all…we promise to get better and better as time goes on and things get less hectic. Love you!


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