So we are still diligently on a job hunt. Dylan has been looking at a wide range of jobs in camping ministry and also in the secular realm of recreation and leisure (i.e. state parks). The jobs could and would take us anywhere from McGregor, MN, (sound familiar?) to Idyllwild, CA…all we have to do is to follow God through whichever door opens.

Experiencing the job search process has been a challenge. There are so many emotions that seem to cycle through our beings each time we check out a new wanted posting or send in an application. Excitement, anxiousness, hope, curiosity, frustration…and each time it seems a little tougher to continue. We know we need a job and we want a job, but we are comfortable where we are. Our families and friends are nearby, our jobs and hobbies are here, our family was created here. When we think about those things it makes it hard to motivate ourselves to push forward through the rejection to find the right open door. Because, ultimately, we know it’s out there somewhere.

So, if you think about, even though it may be hard, please pray for us. Pray that we would be diligent and patient in God’s timing so that we don’t miss an opportunity meant specifically for us. Pray that we have the courage and determination to pursue openings and the wisdom to pick out which ones would really fit our family. Please pray for our hearts that they would continue to prepare us for whatever service we will be called to. Thank you for your prayers and support; we definitely appreciate them all.


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